Ghislaine Caprin's biography

photo bio« Je ne chante pas pour passer le temps ………..(Jean Ferrat)

« Je ne peins pas pour passer le temps ….. (Ghislaine Caprin).

I was tagged cosmopolitan parisian. I owe that to the marriage between an Italian father and a French mother.

I was born on November the 24 th 1951 in Chevreuse in de Paris region . At a young age I showed an idependant creative character which ideally expressed itself in the artist painter’s fingers.

Autodidact in my early years, I started to spend time in artist’s exhibition salons while struggling to survive, with my two young children, as a secretary.

I was first inspired by social tea salons than “Collines de Provence”, islands of the Aegean Sea, Venice, women, and this Quebec that I am particularly fond of since I have lived there.

Step by step I took up oil, the paint brush, and the blade without forgetting the middle role of the trait (feature),  in a surge os scenes and of women decorated with plumes that never have time to exude an elegant shape of boredom, and finally ink, acrylic and most recently dry pastels.

Over time I have develop the sense of coloursand for my feminine characters the sense of what one may call the feature (trait).

Without any precouceived ambition I accept willingly to discover the wonderful colours in autumnal or winter forests, over the countryside, near lakes and  rivers.

I’am getting to create my characters by happy coincidence, on some unknown path.

I keep a real passion for Art every time marvelling at the beauty of nature around us.