Group exposition

I participated in numerous exhibitions both in Province officials in Paris. I am also present in the phone painters' art Publisher P. Bertrand, "in the directory of painters and artists of the 20th century, and in the directory of art, akoun guide 2015 and DROUOT Dictionary QUOTATION contemporary modern artists PARIS 2015.


Some lounges where I could exhibit my paintings :

Salon des Independants in Paris, painters Women Paris Biennale, Winter Salon exhibitions: Alencon, Chinon, Clairac, Cognac, Cordes, Fontenay le Fleury, Garches, Gometz le Chatel, the Chesnay
Lyon, St Tropez, Tours, Versailles, Brissac, Touarcé, La Ménitré, Lions Club Angers Trélazé, Francophone Society of Arts, Paris, Lamorlaye, etc ... as well as Munich and Tokyo and the Laurentians in Quebec.

I also manifested in numerous exhibitions (group shows, solo shows, etc ...)